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Rear Screens

Rear Projection Screens by Custom Display Solutions, Inc... the most complete line of rear projection screen technologies in the world!  Also referred to as 'RP Screens', many of these projection screen solutions are widely used for boardroom projector installations, conference room projector installations, training room projector installations, and other collaborative spaces that require the equipment to be hidden from view. Not only does this provide a clean looking install, it reduces ambient sound from the projector from interfering with other audio equipment commonly found in boardroom, conference room & training room environments.  Other advanced rear screen solutions includes the VistaPlex (VPX) diffusion rear projection screen and the HoloVue holographic rear screen system.  The HoloVue is a transparent screen or specilized projection glass that allows the projected image to virtually float and creates a perceived 3D solution. 

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VistaPower 3.0
VistaBead 170
VistaPower 20
VistaPower 2.0
VistaBead 100
VistaPlex 100
HoloVue HVU
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